6 Steps To Making Thumb -Stopping, Click-worthy Ads


If you have tried running Facebook ads, I am sure at some point you have decided that Facebook ads do not work! But it is hard to confirm such a statement when others are getting great success from it. Since you are reading this post, I want to share with you a checklist that I use when creating Facebook Ads that generate great results.

Here is why you are wrong: You talk about your product more than you should.

You see, Facebook is a social networking platform. At its core, it is a platform that connects people. But a lot of business people make a mistake of treating it like a marketplace like Amazon, Lazada or Ebay. It is not! And this is the reason why most Facebook ads fail and business owners give up then move on.

More than the product or the brand, what matters in Facebook ads is the offer. “Is it click-worthy? Is it thumb-stopping? Does it break a habit?” You must have a relevant, value-packed and captivating offer that will break their scrolling habit. Otherwise, you’ll be just another annoying spammy ad that they would see regularly and begin to hate.

Great Facebook ads are built in these 6 steps that I am about to show you. If you follow these 6 steps, you will get great results. If you don’t, then you won’t!

1. Call Out The Tribe

Say something like this:

Hello Filipino Health Hackers! (If you are pushing a health product or health program) or…

Hey Davaoenos! (If you are looking to serve people in the Davao Area.

Call out their tribe! Let them know that you recognize them and that you have something to say that is for them!

2. Point Out The Pain

Now that you got there attention, make them feel things. Make them remember. Highlight a compelling event for them to read on. Something like..

Bad breath? Toothache? Hiding your smile? (If you are offering dental services) or…

Back pain? Neck pain? Headaches? (If you are offering chiro services) or…

Stressed out? Working all week long? Need a fresh restart? (If you are offering spa services or make over services)

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Ancient Proverb

Just call out their pain. This is a conditioning trick that makes the transition to your Main Offer more relevant…

3. Solution Positioning + Bang-For-Buck Offer

Time to give the offer. But first, create rapport and goodwill by introducing yourself and let them know a bit about who you are and what you do. Something like this:

I’m Rowil with StressOut Massage Spa and I am doing something AWESOME in the friendly city of Cagayan de Oro. I am giving away Full Service Authentic Stress Release Thai Massage for only 150 pesos.

That’s a made up service. But you get the idea.

Knowing that the regular price for Full Thai Massage is upwards 400 pesos. This is a great initial offer. Once that bond and experience between business and customer is established, a lot of transactions can come from that like a VIP membership, an anniversary package… But it all starts with an initial experience and that is what the offer is all about.

4. Get Now – Scarcity + Urgency

We are paying for our ads on a per appearance basis and we want to get results as fast as we can. So we need to add an element of urgency to our offer. Buy Now, Message Us Today, Only Available for First 30 Customers, Offer Expires On…

No need to explain this, I think. We need them to walk-in today, avail the offer ASAP…

5. A Clear Photo Of Your Team or Business Or Customers

Going back to the essence of Facebook, it is always best to humanize our businesses in this platform. Use photos that are from real people. Stock photos are proven to under-perform compared to real life photos of your team, clients or office. Make sure that it looks neat, attractive and REAL. Because real people click on real people.

Based on experience, people tend to click more on photos that have female subjects. As my former boss and mentor has taught me: “Women click on women and men click on women.”

I know you’ll get tempted to use some good looking photo you got from Google. Please don’t! I have seen this stock photo model too many times!

6. Repeat Your Bang-For-Buck Offer

Use your offer as the headline to your Facebook Ad. This reminds them of what they are getting before they click on the Call-To-Action Button.

Here is the summary and an example of what a Click-worthy Facebook Ad looks like when all 6 steps are followed:

There you go! Straightforward, isn’t it? Keeping it simple is the key to everything. Simple offers require simple steps. You don’t have to be a funnel master or an expert marketer to understand the power of a simplified, straightforward offer!

Feel free to use this guide as a template for your future Facebook ads! And if you like what you see or have something to say, feel free to comment on this blog or share this article with a friend who might need this 🙂

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