How Not To Lose Your Facebook-Dependent Business


A Checklist Of Proven Steps That Save My Agency Clients From The Horrors Of A Disapproved Ad, A Disabled Ad Account And An Advertising Restricted Business Account ​

Overused Ad Account

  • Avoid re-publishing previously disapproved ads
  • Request for manual review should be last resort (high risk of permanent restriction because human review will also check other previous ads and when they see those ads were non-compliant, they will ban you)

Fresh Ad Account

  • Do not link to a high-risk ad account / BM / profile / Credit Card / Device
  • Personal Account linked to business manager must be active and at least 8 years old. (The older the better)
  • When ad is disapproved, best to request review via Account Quality link or contact live chat support
  • When testing new ad copy / creative / Landing page… best to contact Facebook Support first! If they give go signal, screenshot their response and save to use for future appeals.
  • Never instantly use high budget campaigns on a new ad account. WARM UP is key. Facebook assumes that new ad accounts are owned by newbie advertisers and expect them to spend low in the beginning.

Landing Page

  • Facebook Disclaimer (Not Affiliated) on your landing page
  • Add a No Get Rich Quick Disclaimer Footer on your Landing page.
  • Terms of Service Link & Privacy Policy Link
  • Sign up form must have a “Agree to Terms of Service Checkbox” You can generate and improve your own TOS content here ( PS. Make sure to watch out for website credit links when you generate your TOS from this website.
  • Your Landing Page must not be a dead end. Always make other buttons available – Homepage, About, Provacy Policy and TOS.
  • Landing Page color scheme must compliment your ad creative’s theme.

Website / Homepage

  • Must have company logo
  • Must have a working Privacy Policy Link
  • Must Have a working Terms of Service Link
  • Best to install multiple pixels from ad accounts to preserve pixel maturity (better performing conversion ads)
  • For WP users, use Pixel Cat Pro. For Shopify, use Trackify

Ad Copy & Landing Page

  • Avoid words on all CAPS
  • Avoid too much emojis
  • Avoid text generators
  • Avoid broken links
  • Avoid url shorteners
  • Avoid exit stoppers/pop-ups
  • Avoid saying “You” in the copy (involving audience in the story)
  • Must have no get rich quick vibes
  • Avoid mentioning high risk terms like:
  • Million, money, profit, income, opportunity, Facebook, Instagram, Trading, business, cryptocurrency, 7 digits, 7 figures, make money, YOU, suck and other common profanities…


  • Make sure Page info are completely provided. Numbers, emails, websites.
  • Do not make more than 4 failed attempts at manual billing settlement
  • One Card per Business Manager —> 3 ad accounts under 1 BM *****
  • Best to create individual page per business / Nature of business *****
  • Best to use one ad account per store / business *****
  • Best to group ad accounts of similar industry under one BM
  • In making appeals, be kind and always say you are willing to cooperate (Humans are doing the manual reviews. BE KIND.)
  • In making appeals, try to reference a specific campaign and state that it might have been disapproved by mistake.

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