Blow Your Prospect’s Mind With Facebook’s Audience Network Ads (Retargeting and Omnipresence)


Disclaimer: This is a lesson on Facebook Ads so if you aren’t interested in the topic, best move on 😉

To better illustrate how this works, I want to tell you a story of what normally happens during your cold audience first encounter with your ads. Let’s talk about their first reaction, the action that happens after that and how great Facebook advertisers can fill that gap create a lasting impression to their audience.

Let’s begin…

One day, you were browsing aimlessly on your Facebook Feed when you suddenly notice a hyper targeted ad on your feed.

The ad was captivating. It felt like it knew exactly what you were thinking lately and even suspect that Facebook has been spying on your conversations because the ads you are seeing are hella accurate!

That’s pretty mind blowing right?

But you saw through it, ignored it and moved on… told yourself: “It’s just another ad.”

Another day passed, you see the same ad but with a different video. Hmmmm…

You think to yourself: “Actually, this is pretty interesting…”

So you decide to watch the entire video or click the ad or send a message to the page…

Once you got the the website, you got distracted and forgot why you were there in the first place.

you close the tab and get back to scrolling aimlessly on your phone

But what you didn’t know is you have activated an FB advertisers trap card. Because you engaged, that tells the advertiser that you have INTENT and you are more interested in their offer than the average person.

So the advertiser targets you to see more ads via AUDIENCE NETWORK (The Visibility Loop)

Basically what the Audience Network does is this:

It displays ads on articles / websites that are accessed from Facebook…

Think shared articles from News Websites, Rappler, Inquirer, Online Tabloids, Showbiz Websites, Top 10 list websites, etc…

When you click on a shared article on Facebook, chances are you are going to see that advertiser’s ad in between paragraphs!

Any content producing website shared on Facebook becomes part of the Audience network 😉 (That is how they monetize Facebook Traffic and that is why they write content consistently!)

You think: “WTF! This Ad is stalking me. Even when I’m reading juicy Hollywood news, I am seeing this guy’s ads!”

Your Mind Is Blown!

The advertiser has blown your mind and has made his way in your world… constantly showing ads to you because of that one time you engaged in one of his ads.

The advertiser thinks to himself, this prospect might not buy today… but sooner or later, when this prospect needs the service that I offer, my business will be the first solution provider that he/she will think of and HIRE!

And that is how you blow consumers minds using The Facebook Audience Network.

Tapping into Facebook’s Audience Network is a good way to become omnipresent to your audience. I personally recommend using the Audience Network as a placement for retargeting as its effect is amplified when the audience has a slight idea of what your product/service is about.

Think of it as a way to remind your audience about you and maintaining omnipresence while keeping the costs per low

I hope you learned something!

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