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From The Standing Desk Of Rowil Ruelo
Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
October 26

You are on your way to becoming an Overlodi! Welcome to my community. With all the strength that I can muster, I want to give you the warmest welcome. Thank you for trusting my program enough to enroll!

It is my wish that you have a productive and profitable stay here in the Leads Overload Program.

The truth is, as much as I try my best to hold your hand in this process, I expect you to do your work as well. I will try my best to relay what I know to you so you can get unstuck in Facebook Ads, Lead Gen and Chatbots BUT I also hope that you try your best to stick to the program. Not quit until you get that dream ROI, ROAS or problems solved.

Please read the full content below to fully understand what we have ahead in this program. If you have further questions, our support email is also written below.

Again, thank you for trusting me. I will not let you down and promise to give you all that I got. NO HOLDS BARRED!

Rowil Leads Overlord Ruelo

Leads Overload 6-day program

Leads Overload 365


These links will go to a Live/Recorded Video Inside the Leads Overload FB group so you can join or rewatch.
These modules will be deleted in the Facebook Group 30 days after the end of the LIVE sessions. DO NOT DELAY YOUR PROGRESS!

Module 1-6 Videos in the group will be deleted on January 7, 2021

Videos are now deleted. You may upgrade to 365 to access the replays.


How to submit your worksheets: CLICK HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

You can but you shouldn’t. If this happens, you will be removed and blacklisted without notice. If you have been kicked out by mistake, please contact support at farrah@resomarketingconsulting.com

Yes. The price will remain 1,500.00 until further notice.

You may do this yourself via reset password or ask assistance from our support email: farrah@resomarketingconsulting.com

We advise you to join the group coaching every Tuesday 7PM to personally ask Rowil your questions or any troubleshooting assistance you might need with your ads.

If you wish to go on an exclusive call with Rowil, please check his 1 on 1 consultation booking page: 1-on-1 consultation/coaching

We believe that affiliates must truly love the product first. So we don’t expect referrals from people who don’t know Rowil or experienced the program firsthand. You can become an affiliate in 2 ways:

  1. Avail the Leads Overload 365
  2. Leave a positive recommendation on Rowil’s Facebook Page. An automated message will send you the link to sign up as an affiliate. Click here to leave a recommendation & apply as an affiliate

Yes you may! Please contact our support if you wish to do this. They can enroll and need to pay in advance.

For any other questions, contact support:

farrah@resomarketingconsulting.com | Please allow 8 hours to get a reply from us (we can’t respond while we’re asleep). Thanks!


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