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“How to Consistently Attract Red Hot Prospects, Convert Cold Audience into Buyers & Be The Top of Mind of Your Customers Using the ACE Method on Advertising”

…And This Will Work Even If You’ve Never Run Ads Before or Hate Technical Jargon

“Rowil is the man! He will make everything simple for you, kahit di ka pa techie just like me. Nakakaloka, pwede pala yun?”
Jonathan & Jane Vitorillo
Kusina University
“I applied his methodologies and was able to multiply the revenue of my online custom toys store by far more than before we did any marketing.”
Raven Duran
“Rowil is one of the bests. I really appreciate his generosity in sharing his knowledge and going extra mile in helping me with my ads.”
Marife Rosas
Christian Infopreneurs Academy

“sa lahat ng nasalihan ko na trainings, iba kapa rin. Full support kapa rin sa amin kahit na tapos na yung session natin…”

For the Past 5 Years, I was doing a lot of Online Gigs, Freelancing Back and Forth… Good Thing I’m Still Smiling…

Here’s the part I tell you that everything is Possible

Read this if you’re a Business Owner wanting to Scale Up your business Online, or a Freelancer who wants to learn social media ads as a service.

Hey There! I’m Rowil Ruelo from Cagayan de Oro, and for the past 4 years, I am making a living by servicing clients using simple and easy social media ads.

I can say that life has been good to me and my family lately, as I am now earning this much from creating social media ads:

But this is not the same story, 5 years ago…

When I was 20, I got my girlfriend pregnant, I was a college dropout so I have no diploma…

And because I have no diploma, no real business would hire me!

My First (should I say Job?) was a Band Musician…

But if you’re a rockstar turned family man with a wife and 2 kids, earning from a band gig is not enough and very inconsistent.

So I had no choice but to leave the Music Industry and become a Virtual Assistant!

Thankfully because of this I started to earn a “decent” amount of income but that is just the start of the story…

I can say it was never easy, I suffered in fact! I was working for longer hours but my SALARY WAS FIXED.

I have no control of how much I can make. But the kids are growing, the needs are changing , in short the “BILLS ARE GROWING”.

Aside from my career as a Virtual Assistant, I also ventured in other side hustles and knocked on every business door I see…

I tried writing new articles, I tried taking 3 Full-Time Positions at once, and even offered my services to friends…

In hopes of finding more people to work for = More $$$$!

This is the situation na parang paulit-ulit lang… in short “Feast and Famine”

But I also believe that everything happens for a reason and eventually will fall into place.

In 2017, I was hired by an Australian Company for a Virtual Assistant Position and Web Designer.

Another part of my duties is to create and manage Facebook Ads and Campaigns…

Knowing that this is something new to me, I got the initial belief that it needs “high technical knowledge” to do…

After all, it’s a Multi-Billion Dollar platform being used around the world…

So natakot ako, because I expected it to be hard!

Of course, there is a learning curve needed to do it…

So studying how social media ads behave is still the best thing to do when you are just starting.

I got exposed to many different areas such as, Multimedia Marketing, Sales Process, Lead Generation, and of course, Ad Management…

I learned how to do split testing and targeting.

Of course, I had my share of some failing campaigns and winning campaigns.

I was learning a lot from failures in running ads, and discovering how to rescue these ads.

I did the same routine and the same process in the next 6 months…

How I Made Running High-Converting Ads Super Simple (that Even a 12-Year-Old Kid Can Do It)…

When I hit my 12th month running and managing Facebook ads, I got pretty good at it already.

And that’s when I started to realize that it was not very technical at all…

Around early of 2018, even if I am still working with the Australian Company, I started to take clients and do their ads for them…

But eventually my employer found out, so to avoid any conflict I decided to quit my last full time job.

By October 2018, I became a full-fledged freelancer offering FB Ads as service to clients.

Since I became fully dependent on my clients to help me pay my bills, in order for me to earn some extra, I started to teach what I know to other people.

So i started doing live face-to-face seminars and training courses (which won’t work right now because of the recent events).

In the beginning I realized that some people are having difficulties understanding some of the steps, especially the technical flow and jargons…

But I am still confident that I can teach it to people in a way that even non-techie Tita or Tito will be able to do it on their own.

In fact, I built my own simple method on creating High-Converting Ads that Attract Buyers.

That’s How the “A.C.E. Method” Was Developed…

But before that… let me show you how my complicated advertising flow looks like…

This is my initial blueprint!

I agree with you napaka-complicated niya tignan…

Kahit ako nauumay on how complex this flow looks!

This is the exact design I created on how Facebook Ads behave.

If you wish to know more then let me give you a quick context…

First, is the top-most part which are the Cold Ads and then… AH FORGET IT!

You’ll only get more confused. My goal is to make this BASIC and SIMPLE and EASY TO LEARN — FOR YOU!

That’s why I developed my “ACE” method

Attract. Convert. Encourage.

No weird symbols, workflows or any technical jargons!

This is the exact framework I use on my ads to consistently attract hot prospects, convert them into buyers and eventually make them buy repeatedly!

For you to get something out if it let me educate you about each parts of the ACE Method:

ATTRACT the right kind of attention from the right people

Before you even start running ads, I want to stress out to you the importance of knowing who to Attract.

It’s basic knowledge that even if you have the most irresistible offer but if you present to the wrong customers… No one's gonna buy your product.

A great example is when you’re selling dog food, but you're offering it to Cat Owners… No matter how good your dog food is, Cat Owners will never buy it! Simple!

CONVERT them using Logical-Emotional Remarketing

When you start attracting the right audience the next thing to do now is to Convert them into buying customers.

“People buy emotions”, it’s the common principle of selling.

Now here comes the mistake of most advertisers or businesses -- they only focus on the people who are ready to Buy Immediately.

Now what happens to those who didn't Buy your product?

There are 3 common categories:

• They DO NOT WANT your product
• They WANT your product but NOT READY to buy yet
• Or they got INTERRUPTED to Buy Your Product

These are the common reasons, and if you leave this on the table… SAYANG!

That’s where remarketing comes in!

Remarketing is the process where we show ads to people who showed interest in the product… until they are ready to BUY!

One good example is when you browse something on Lazada…

You clicked on the item you want, saw the price and found out that it’s a bit pricey, so you are NOT READY to buy yet… and left the app.

10 minutes after, when you are browsing social media you will see the item that you like but didn’t buy…

In the next 15 to 30 days you will see this item once or twice in your newsfeed, until you decide to buy the product!

That’s how ads CONVERT!

ENCOURAGE them to Buy Now and Buy Again

Now, before you think that Convert and Encourage are the same, let me explain first…

Another mistake some businesses or advertisers overlook, is that they are focused on getting the SALE NOW.

But the missing the possibility of FUTURE SALES…

Let me give an example…

Imagine getting a customer in your restaurant and he spent 10,000 because it was his birthday…

What if this customer wants to celebrate his birthday in your restaurant for next year? And the next…

That’s an additional 10,000 peso revenue in your business EVERY YEAR!

So, remember that the money does not only come from the FIRST SALE…

But from the REPEAT BUYERS as well!

That’s one more reason why ads are important, because you want your customers to always SEE you, always be AWARE of your offer.

That’s why Big Brands like Jollibee, Mcdonald’s are spending a lot on advertisements, because they always want to be on the TOP OF MIND of their audience.

Encouraging their customers to BUY AND BUY AGAIN!

And that’s not all...

I Designed This Blueprint To Be Something You Can Understand…even if You’ve Never Run Ads Before!

I made it so simple to understand that when I pick a random student from any crowd who is interested in learning ads…

I can teach that student this simple marketing method and get the same GREAT results that I can generate.

Two things will happen when you apply this to your business.

Qualified customers will step in and engage with you as a solution to their problem… regardless whether they buy from you or not, they will see you as a trusted brand and business.

Establishing trust and goodwill in the market is important to a long lasting business with long lasting customer relationships.

Second thing that will happen is this:

You’ll Learn How To Attract More Sales

I will be honest that in this program there will still be a lot of tech involved (as all marketing automation would)…

BUT I made it SUPER SIMPLE, that any newbie on ads will understand.

I presented it in a manner where you can immediately implement what you’ve learned.

I will Hold You By The Hand and assist you in Every Step of the Process

And make you understand “Why Do We Need To Do Certain Steps”

Need proof? Think about businesses you look up to, check their Facebook page… they are running ads at the moment!

Here’s What Happened When I Used it for My Clients’ Businesses

An Ukay-ukay Online Seller has been using this very same strategy taught in the training to attract multitude of strangers to buy for the first time and eventually turning them into raving, loyal repeat customers. Case Study to be presented in the training…

When I Shared it with my Friends and Students, Here’s What They Said…

If I produce these kinds of results, I am very sure that you will be able to do it as well!

How to Master the A.C.E. Method & Create Profitable Scroll-Stopping Ads within Six Days or Less…

I’m inviting you to join…


I designed this program in a way that:

Let’s take Jane as an example who admits that she is not techie…

BUT, now she can create Ads in Less than 10 Minutes:

Cool Right?

BUT, enrolling in this program does not mean instant sales for Business Owners.

And it also does not mean instant clients for Service Providers.

This program is not called “Leads Overload” for no Reason.

But if you’re willing to learn and understand the importance of getting leads, subscribers and traffic…

If you want to learn how your market behaves and use it to your advantage to turn them into paying customers…

And if you want to build a high-performing ad campaign by doing strategic steps together with research…

Then the Leads Overload 6-Day Program is For YOU!

Let me list down the topics that will be discussed in the training and their schedule:

MOdule 1: INtroduction and Mission Briefing

Module 2: Strong Foundations: Market Research Made Easier and Sexier

Module 3: The Habit Breaking Ads Creative & Ad Copy

Module 4: The Ad Stack – Tech Stuff For Boomers

Module 5: The All-in-One Chatbot Template
(Manychat & SilferBots)

Module 6: The Simplified Art & Science of Remarketing (The Suki Method)


But wait, I want to make this offer more irresistible for you and make your stay inside the 6-Day program truly worth your while…

I am offering THESE BONUSES!


BONUS #1: Lifetime Membership in the Leads Overload Community

BONUS #2: The Ad Objective Masterclass

BONUS #3: Fireside Mastermind with Successful Business Owners

BONUS #4: Actual Campaign Case Studies


How Much is the
Leads Overload 6-Day Program?

Let me breakdown the cost of each module + the inclusions

If I total all the Package + BONUSES the amount of the program is 97,999 PHP but you’re not gonna pay that much, in fact not even half of it!

First, I am earning around 150K a month, from people who would like to hire me to create their ads for them…

And I can go back to Go Full Freelancing whenever I want to…

But given the recent circumstances, I believe that more businesses and more aspiring service providers should venture out and explore the abundance within the Online Industry.

And I am a strong believer of this In-demand Money Making Skill that will help both local businesses and fellow kababayans bounce back from the hardships we are having this year.

Now, let me give you an even better offer…

Join the Leads Overload Program today and you only need to invest 10,999 pesos for the whole package!


Now Here’s What To Do Next

After you click that button above, you will be forwarded on another page which will have these steps:

Step #1: It will ask your name and contact details so that we know how to contact you in case anything comes up! You will also have an option to subscribe on our Free Newsletter!

After you fill up the needed information you click the button to save the details you put and you will be forwarded to the next step which is…

Step #2: You will arrive in the next screen which shows your invoice and the payment methods available.

We have 2 Payment Method Options: Online Banking Transfer/GCash or Paypal

Step #3: Whatever Payment Method you choose will forward to the Thank You Page if you choose to pay via Paypal.

If you choose via online bank transfer/ Gcash you will also go to the Thank You Page and receive another set of instructions via email on how to pay manually.

To make it more convenient for you, you will receive an email and text message giving the next steps!


But still…

I am aware that you reading this letter has your eyebrow raised… you could be thinking: “What if this doesn’t work?”

Valid thought…

So here’s my


If you don’t like what you see on the first lesson of the program, you may request a refund and we will give you your money back… no questions asked.

I believe every car purchase deserves a test drive… and that is what I intend to do in this program.

If you feel like you won’t be getting what you signed up for or don’t think I can deliver what is promised, you can back out.

I’m taking all the risk away from you and adding more to me but it’s OKAY

This Offer Won’t Last Long

That being said, there is something you need to also know…

Since this is a super discounted offer, I can’t do this for too long. But why would I still do this?

I am betting on this training. That you will like this so much and learn a lot from this that you will consider inviting your friends to join this program as well once I re-open the doors to this program.

In 30 Days after enrolling to the program, I guarantee that you will create and launch your first ads (that actually work)!

Best bet? You may even launch right after the training or not, but I hope that gives you the idea of why I am doing this.

In short, this is a limited offer.

But the choice is still yours…

And You are Free to Choose from these 3 Options:

Option #1: Stay where you are… You are not happy about what I taught to you on the last webinar…

As a business, you can still take orders manually and promote your business running around day in-day out…

As an aspiring service provider, you move on and see how others progress once they learn this lucrative and profitable skill…

No Worries. I respect you for that! Or you may also choose…


Option #2: You may choose to Do it All Yourself! Apply what you learned on my webinar… Try your luck testing things out on your own… Continue watching tutorial videos on Youtube… 

And following the other experts in Ads…

Believe me that’s what’s going to happen, because that’s what happened to me! You can get lucky at first, but you will not know how to sustain it…

You will eventually spend more because you have no idea yet which ACTUALLY WORKS…

Expect that it will take a lot of time and money from you to master FB Ads on your own…

OR We can eliminate ALL the challenges from the first 2 options and go…

Option 3:
Join the Leads Overload 6-Day Program

You will progress in your business, move up into the next level!

You won’t have to do things on your own because you will have me as your coach and the rest of the community to guide you step-by-step in doing the process of creating your first Ad!

Program Starts


But the decision will still be completely up to you!

Secure Your Seat Before The PRICE CHANGES (Because it will after 7 days)

I appreciate you reaching this point and taking time to read this letter. See you soon!

Rowil “Leads Overlord” Ruelo

Who is Rowil Ruelo?

Rowil is the managing director of Reso Marketing Consulting LLC. An internet marketing company that specializes in growing business using Online Ads, Websites, Chatbots and Marketing Automation through consulting and done-for-you-services.

As a passion, Rowil coaches and mentors online business owners on how they can grow their business using simple and straightforward online marketing strategies.

He also created the Social Selling Engine™, a proprietary online marketing and selling method that does not use websites. He founded and owns wood eyewear brand, Bayod Eyewear.

PS. Just in case you have the habit of scrolling right down to the end of a letter, (like me) here is a summary of things:

I am inviting you to a 6-day online training where I will share how to attract Red-Hot Prospects, Cold Audience into Buyers & Be The Top of Mind of Your Customers Using the ACE Method on Advertising

… and this will work even if you’ve never run ads before or hate technical jargons.

The entire 6-day program will start as soon as you pay your enrollment and is valued at 97,999 pesos.
(But you won’t pay that much!)

I am doing a one-time offer of 10,999 pesos this time! (Price increases 14,999 in the next 7 days)

I will also do a walkthrough of the exact ad system I created that is causing qualified prospects to come to my business and turn them into repeat paying customers. (100% driven by the concept of establishing trust and good will to a targeted audience)

Key point of this method is that it does not require heavy sales knowledge, convincing or anything close to the traditional way of doing “sales” (I think it works better than traditional too.)

This offer is limited too because I can’t open the doors to this training forever (and always)

What if you realize you don’t want the training? We can refund your payment if you opt-out after watching the first lesson.

Click here and enroll now.

This might be the most important ads & online marketing training you will join in the next 3 years.

Any questions email to rowil@rowilruelo.com
Copyright 2016 – 2021 Rowil Ruelo– All Rights Reserved

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