A Live Workshop with Rowil Ruelo

“Free Workshop Reveals How To Attract Customers To Buy Now, Eventually and Repeatedly Using Simple Facebook™ Ads

…Even If You Are New In Business With No Techical Knowledge”

Armada Hotel, Petaling Jaya | Feb 20,2020 | Session 1: 2.30pm / Session 2: 7.30pm

“Rowil doesn’t hold back with teaching what he knows”

“Literally, everything is laid out for me. All I needed to do is fill the blanks with my business details and my ads are 95% done!

He has a real concern for his students and he is super passionate with ads and making it as easy as it could be even for a newbie like me.

Glad to join this workshop!” 


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What My Other Students Say:

Exactly What’s In The Workshop?

Let me start with this: This is not going to be the usual seminar where you sit down and leave with no real-life results to take home with you. There will be no fillers or hoo-rah mindsetting — I will teach the exact methods and tactics I use to deliver results for my clients and myself right now.

And it is structured in a way that is easy to understand and can be applied immediately.

Sit, go and execute.

And It’s About More Than Just Ads That Might Work

The framework and system taught in this workshop can be used to market and sell all kinds products and services.

Hear this, I use this framework and system to attract high paying consulting and retainer clients.

A clothing retail SME has been using this very same strategy taught in the workshop to attract multitude of strangers to buy for the first time and eventually turning them into raving, loyal repeat customers.

A coaching student of mine in the Car Sales Industry is using the exact same strategy and framework to get in front of ready-to-buy car buyers… and using the same system to turn those customers into reliable source of referrals that works on top of the ads.

Again, this workshop is more than “just” running ads. Here’s a sneak peak of what is revealed in the workshop…

Pretty long list for a 2-hour workshop, ya? Don’t worry! There’s more. 

You will also be getting…

A Copy Of The Exact Template That I Use To Run These Ads!

At the near end of this workshop, you’re getting a very powerful BUT simple blueprint that can be applied to any industry.

You will learn how to attract and convert customers – with no physical movement, forcing or traditional “selling”.

This super simplified and effective method has generated a consistent amount of sales for my students and myself for the past 2 years BUT not a lot of marketers do this!

Wanna know what the best part is?

It Is Created To Be Used By Biz Owners Who Hate “Selling”

Two things will happen when you apply this to your business.

First thing is that people will come to you because they genuinely want and need your service and product. They will step in and engage with you as a solution to their problem… regardless whether they buy from you or not, they will see you as a trusted brand and business.

Establishing trust and goodwill in the market is important to a long lasting business with long lasting customer relationships.

Second thing that will happen is this:

You’ll Know How To Attract More Sales

Without trying to force people to buy, without comparing your offer to your competitors and without manually doing it.

Because it is a system that works.

It will involve a bit of tech (as all marketing automations would) and a super simple framework that commands your ads to constantly sell for you with no complain and getting consistent results.

That’s right! Your ads will do the selling for you when you use the framework that I am going to teach in this workshop.

What To Do Next

The learning fee to this Workshop is ZERO. Yes it is free and you can even bring a friend with you. Just let us know ahead of time so we can prepare ahead.

As soon as you fill out the registration form, you will have a seat reserved. Our team will also keep in touch with you via SMS, Email and WhatsApp….

And just in case you are wondering…


I am aware that there is no such thing as free lunch in this world… and the same for free workshop…

So it’s okay to wonder if there is a catch to all of this…

There are no hidden walk-in fees. No shady deals going on.

This isn’t one of them.

I’m truly hosting you for a 2-hour workshop for the price of nothing, as a means of “putting my best foot forward” and showing real value.

My goal is simply to make you love the workshop enough that it will be a start of a good business relationship in the following years to come.

That being said, there is something you need to also know…

This Offer Won’t Last Long

Since this is free, I can’t do this for too long. Organizing these events cost real money.

But why would I still do this?

I am betting on this workshop. That you will like this so much that you will consider working with me in the years to come.

Might be right after the workshop or not. Whatever but I guess that gives you the idea of why I am doing this.

In short, this is a limited offer.

I would also add in a Money Back Guarantee for this offer but since you won’t be spending money to come join us, I can’t give you anything back! LOL

Sounds fair?


Armada Hotel, Petaling Jaya | Feb 20, 2020

Claim Your Free Ticket Before The Timer Expires

I appreciate you reaching this point and taking time to read this letter. See you soon!

Rowil Ruelo

PS. Just in case you have the habit of scrolling right down to the end of a letter, (like me) here is a summary of things:

I am inviting you to a 2-hour workshop where I will share how to attract customers to buy now, eventually and repeatedly using simple ads… even if you are a new business.

The workshop is free.

I will also do a walkthrough of the exact ad framework I created that is causing qualified prospects to come to my business and turn them into repeat paying customers. (100% driven by the concept of establishing trust and good will to a targeted audience)

Key point of this method is that it does not require heavy sales knowledge, convincing or anything close to the traditional way of doing “sales” (I think it works better than traditional too.)

This offer is limited too because I can’t do free workshop forever.

What is the catch? There is no catch. 

Click here and reserve your seat now. This might be the most important ads workshop you will join in 2020