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Hello there random person,

If you are seeing this, chances are you have been following me for a while or you saw this post being shared by a friend of yours (who probably own a business just like you). So I am giving away this chatbot template because I was thinking of a good gift to give on my birthday — February 4.

Yes that’s right! I wanted to give a gift on my birthday and what best to give than something that matters to me and the people that I talk to the most — biz owners and fellow online marketers.

You see… a chatbot for me, does 3 basic things:

  1. Responds to highly repetitive questions that prospects ask from a business. Such as how much, location, legit?, how to pay, how to order, etc…
  2. Assists a visitor and makes the transition from stranger to customer easier for both parties involved — customer and business owner
  3. Makes the business super visible to the customer in the next 23 hours prior to contact.

That’s it! Those are the basic things that needs to be covered and in this FREE template, it has exactly that and more! 

It has a straightforward Welcome Message, an ever rotating flow, a flow for each key info that every customer asks for and a 23-hour follow up automation that does not get you banned! 

All I ask from this is that you share this gift with someone whom you know would benefit from this FREE Manychat Template. 

Before you install this on your page, know that this will fully replace your existing manychat setup. So if you aren’t too sure, I suggest you install this on a demo / mockup page to avoid screwing up with your current awesome chatbot 😉 Okay?! Good!


PS. Please set this up properly to avoid problems for your page and messenger marketing. 

I will upload a walkthrough tutorial on how to install this manychat template to your page in the next few days… But here you go!

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