BAGO Simplified Facebook Ad Planning Checklist

If you want to know how to make Facebook Ads in less than 30 minutes from here on out, read this article.

If you want to know how to make Facebook Ads in less than 30 minutes from here on out, read this article.

In all my years of doing what I do (online marketing and running Facebook Ads), I have created campaigns with or without plans and it has always been the planned and well-researched campaigns that give me less to zero headaches. It also makes ad setup easier and faster.

You can also download my free ad planning worksheet.

There are two sides to the human brain: the technical side and the creative side. And when you create a Facebook ad campaign without preparing ahead, you are actually dividing your attention into two things. Advertising is not just about numbers and techie stuff. It is a creative activity. Creating images, videos and copy use up your creativity and that in itself is exhausting. Mixing that creative exhaustion with working with technicalities in setting up the campaign on Ads Manager makes it even worse and is a total waste of time.

So I came up with a planning flow called BAGO Planning Checklist that helps me with the creative side of creating ads so I don’t have to constantly have to bounce back and forth with being clever with my ads and being meticulous with my ad setup.

It stands for Budget, Audience, Goal and Offer.

The reality is that it always has to be within the budget and that is why this will always be first to consider.

The Audience is more important than the product itself. We first have to know who we are trying to serve and what problem they need us to solve for them. Otherwise, ad engagement and relevance will not be great. Know your audience first! More about that below

Setting a Goal for each ad campaign is also important because it uncovers your KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Meaning, it allows you to measure the success of your ad campaign

After three are identified, then comes the offer. We need to create an offer that relates to the market, makes sense to their level of commitment to the problem you are solving for them and accomplishes or compliments the goal that you set for the campaign.

After all of these are set, you will honestly lower your ad creation time by at least 50%

Treat your market research as your marketing compass and you can use BAGO to help you with that in a simplified but meaningful way


All Facebook Ads have costs. Be ready to spend money. The online marketing mindset: The goal is not to eliminate costs but to make as much money for the amount of money we put out. The classic turn $1 ad spend into $2 revenue


You have to Identify exactly who your audiences are:

  • Location
  • Demographics (Gender, Age Bracket)
  • Interests (Books, Topics That They Subscribe To, Possible Search Terms, Pages That They Follow, Hobbies, Brand Preference)
  • Behaviors (Device Preference, Buying Habits, Spending Habit, Political Bias, Ideologies)
  • Where do they usually hang out when they are on their phones? (Messenger, Instagram, News Feed, Video Tab)


Sales (Correct on a bird’s eye view but WRONG with respect to proper planning!)

You want a goal that you can measure directly with your campaign objective.

Example: I want more people to initiate and engage with the chatbot sequence because my chat will {insert function of chatbot here}

  • Help them order
  • Educate them about our products
  • Collect their details and add them to our database for SMS and email marketing
  • A lot more…

You want to be able to write down this because you want to identify which needs to improve once you are already auditing your ad campaign/checking whether it is doing good things for your business or not…

  1. Should you improve your ad campaign? Maybe it’s targeting the wrong people. Maybe I’m using the wrong creative. Maybe I’m using the wrong ad copy
  2. Should you improve your chatbot flow? Maybe it’s too complicated for the target customer
  3. Should you improve your offer? Maybe people don’t really need what I am offering.
  4. Should you improve your ad objective? Maybe people will respond better if I don’t use a chatbot and direct them to a product page. Maybe people will respond better if I take them to a long sales copy page instead.


Your offer should respect the natural order of things. Let’s talk about market temperatures… the way I see it, there are 3 market temperatures that you should consider when deciding what to offer, what content to produce or what commitment to ask for from your prospects.

  • Cold Market – Low Ticket (Swipe File / Guide / Infographic / Survey / Quiz / Product List / Raffle)
  • Warm Market – Average Commitment (Webinar / Consultation / Email Subscription / Blogs / Giveaway / Discount)
  • Hot Market – Core Product / High Ticket (Purchase / Service / Consultation / Conversion)

You can cut down your markets into two segments:

  • Cold+Warm & Hot
  • Cold & Warm+Hot

I cannot stress this enough, the key to creating ads fast is to first plan it ahead. And if you are in for the long haul in your business, it really pays to sit down and write down a plan for your marketing. The thoughts you write during your market research will be your compass in every ad campaign or marketing campaign that you will implement in the coming months and even years.

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