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I got invited to speak for J&T Express and teach their new merchants and active VIP merchants about strategies that they can use to upgrade their online marketing using Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing.

First off, I was super stoked to have been invited as their resource speaker for a lot of reasons.

Number 1, I really love talking about online marketing and dropping value bombs in front of a curious and responsive crowd. You can just feel the energy when the people listening in are on a mission…

And that is to discover more ways of getting more customers!

Number 2, I get to influence people and change their minds. A lot of local business owners still think that Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing does not work.

Number 3, I am a strong believer of expert positioning and speaking in events like this one contributes to that. When you speak in front of a lot of people, you have authority… I personally love the adrenaline of taking over the stage and taking the lead on where the thought process is going to go.

I want to highlight 3 things that I shared at the J&T Express: Online Marketing Seminar that online sellers should be thinking about when running their online business.

1. Collaboration between business owner and logistics provider

J&T Express is fairly new in the Filipino scene. In fact, they have only started operations this year 2019. But expansion-wise, they are moving at a very fast rate.

I also see that their main focus are online businesses which explains the lower rates for shipping because I think their focus is on volume. I digress! Let me take you back to collaboration. When you are signed as a J&T Express merchant, they assign you to a specific branch where all their contact details are easily available for you to call.

I also love the idea that they emphasize that they take the load off of the merchants when it comes to correspondence about parcel status. Meaning, once the items are with J&T, merchants are encouraged to direct the customer to the J&T contact handles so they can talk to the customers about the parcels.

2. Return To Sender Ratio

These days, Cash on Delivery Options and Free Shipping are no longer unique as selling points. They do add value and bang for buck to the customer when they make a purchase. This will really skyrocket your add to carts and purchases but also poses a problem upon fulfilment.

Because of the convenience of COD and Free Shipping, some buyers tend to mindlessly purchase products even when it is out of their budget. This becomes an expense to the seller (shipping fee) and even worse when the item returned becomes lost in transit. This way you lost money on shipping and the product as well. OUCH

It is very wise to consider this aspect when it comes to choosing a courier service to partner with.

3. Do Not Rely 100% on Automation

Automation is a gift. But not all customers understand how it works. And when this happens, the promise of convenience becomes confusion.

Nothing beats human touch. In fact, we set up our marketing and sales automation that makes it appear human-like. I know you get my point.

What I am trying to say here is that online marketing is based in marketing fundamentals. In the same way, online businesses are based on business principles that have been around for hundreds of years.

Your website, apps and software are simply tools to make everything easier. But it will never replace the basics — the fundamental principles that make you catch people’s attention and make people buy.

So there you go! I hope you enjoyed my short article about this experience because I truly enjoyed recollecting my thoughts and writing them down here 🙂

If you want to know about what is the best courier service is in the Philippines, I can’t really answer that but I will say this: each of them have there own strong suits and it all boils down to what you need, as an online seller and the business model that you operate in.

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